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I am introducing a new page to the Perfect Pro Football Coach website called “THE COACHING GAUNTLET". Being a head coach in the NFL is tough. There is always someone beating up on you. New guys are always entering the pipeline while others are being spit out the other end. You can count on at least six to eight of them being replaced every year. I decided to track the movement from both ends.

The first entry deals with “
WHO SHOULD BE THE TEXANS NEW COACH?” I ran 25 prospects through my CHANCE OF SUCCESS (COST) matrix and came up with the names I feel are best qualified. Sure, I like Eric Bieniemy, but there are a couple of other names I think need to be considered before him. How about Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael, among a few others?

I plan to also evaluate the Falcons' vacancy.

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Yes, I live in Texas, and yes, I am (or try to be) a Houston Texans’ fan. It is now ancient history that Cal McNair, the low profile team owner, axed Coach Bill O’Brien after four winless games and replaced him with Romeo Crennel. O’Brien had been in place for six years and has had more than a fair chance to guide us deep into the playoffs, if not the big dance. I do not question the decision to replace him but, despite the overwhelming positive reaction to this knee-jerk decision from frustrated fans and naive reporters, the timing was abjectly stupid. After giving the man the keys to the kingdom, as GM and coach, also a big mistake in my judgement, without realizing it, Cal tossed the entire season in the toilet. Bill should have coached out the season and then been asked to leave. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

By recklessly terminating O’Brien, here’s what Cal accomplished:

  • He fired not only the head coach but a dozen or so assistants, whom he expects to hang in there and give their all knowing their jobs are history right after Christmas. Sure.

  • He put in charge a warm and affable player-favorite fellow, who has played a huge part in the pathetic defense the team has had lately. From bad to worse. Interim coaches never do well, by the way, 5-11 would be a great year based upon the last dozen or so.

  • He ignored the zany pandemic situation with no preseason or real training camp or preseason games. A team on the come would require more time to adjust than an established one. Both coordinators were brand new.

  • He ignored the incredibly brutal schedule the team started with facing perhaps the three best teams in the NFL. And at that the team, which did play horribly, was competitive and still could have won at least three of the first four games.

  • There is a revised playoff format making it easier to get in. As bad as things have been with a couple of more wins we would be in contention. Did he expect Romeo, who is 28-56 as a head coach, to lead us into the playoffs? Come on.

  • He got rid of an abrasive dedicated knowledgeable solid football coach, who would not win many popularity contests. Coddling helps and I guess his under-achieving players are now happy. How many popularity contests would the guy in New England win?

  • He left no one in charge that is a solid football person. The current head, Jack Easterby, was in lock step with Bill. It makes no sense.

I believe, if O’Brien were still in charge, we would have won two more games and ended up with a down but not a disastrous year. Romeo Crenel gets flustered in Tennessee and makes the wrong and unsuccessful call on an extra point. The reaction: “terrific job, Romeo. You really have guts.” Can you imagine what would have been said if Bill O’Brien had made that call?

McNair did O’Brien a huge disserve by anointing him both GM and head coach. Power-grabbing, notwithstanding, there are just not enough hours in the day for one person to do justice to both jobs. An NFL team is a billion-dollar company with hundreds of employees and tens of thousands of fans (stockholders). If ever a team needed a competent GM it is now. Let’s see what happens, but I am not hopeful.  Lately, it sure doesn't look like it is being run like a business. 

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