In the National Football League head coaches are hired and fired with impunity. Despite occupying the most important position in the entire organization a head coach is lucky to keep his job for more than three or four years. Long fascinated by this "revolving door" management style in our most popular professional sport, I decided to study the head coach transition process in depth. In order to do so, I discovered that it was first necessary to come up with a simple, easy to understand (but very precise) system to evaluate the performance of every man that has prowled the sidelines over the past half century. After much analysis, evaluation, and trial and error in 2009 I developed my Coaching Assessment Scoring Hierarchy (CASH) system for measuring a head coach's career performance.

I have now rated 293 head coaches from the very best to very worst. Take a look at my All Time lists of the very Best and the very Worst. I am certain you agree with me in every case!

 Once I had pinned down who were the best, worst , and everyone in between, I was then able to compile their salient attributes and deficiencies from which I have come up with a profile of the "perfect" pro football coach.

 Utilizing  the results of my research and analysis this website has two basic objectives:

  • To give access to a complete listing of every NFL ( and AFL) head coach since 1960 ranked by his overall on-the-field career success from best to worst. Name your favorite coach and  I will tell you where he stands among his peers. I revise the CASH tm scores and update the rankings every year after the Super Bowl.

  • To set up ten key criteria, based on historical precedent, by which any new prospective coach should be measured to have the greatest probability of  being successful with your team. The " Success Predictability Rating Grid " measures the new guy against all those who have gone before him.

When your team gets in the barrel, I can answer the perplexing question:   "Who are you going to get?"

Owners, coaches, and fans everywhere need to see what I have put together.  My book  
"The Perfect Pro Football Coach"  is must reading for everyone who cares about his team. It is available at Amazon and most E book Sellers everywhere.



The Perfect Pro Football Coach​

The Hiring and Firing of Coaches in the National Football League is Far Less Than Perfect