The Perfect Pro Football Coach​

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Our Takes on Who Are "HOT" and Who Are "NOT" Base Upon Performance Among the Current Cadre of NFL Head Coaches

A  CASH score is a measure of the entire lifetime body of work of an NFL head coach. Although it takes on more and more meaning over time as a coach accumulates games coached, any coach, even one who has been there for a single game, does have a measurable CASH score. Based on the incomplete career achievements of the current crop of head men the following is how we rate some of the brightest and dullest through the 2019 season.

The "HOT” high achievers -

Belichick has proven time and again that he is simply the best still coaching today and very likely of all time. Matt Lafleur gets the nod as this year's wunderkid at Green Bay. He almost made it to the Big Dance in year 1. Sean McVay slipped a little but is still doing quite well. Not much surpising in the others. Matt Nagy took a tumble after a great start. He is still among the top tier of active coaches, based, of course, on a small sample. The ratings are by career CASH scores.

 The "NOT SO "HOT" back of the class. 


The only coach in this group with more than one or two years on the job who did not get fired during this season was  Doug Marrone. He certainly must do better very soon. Bill Callahan and Perry Fewell were interims that really should not count in the rankings.  Jay Gruden, Pat Shurmur, and Freddie Kitchens all were sent on their way. Zac Taylor had a very tough deal in the Queen City, It might just have been worth it, with Jeff Burrow of LSU lined up to come there next year. The Browns, the Browns, the Browns, Good bye Freddie. They kept Hugh jackson for three plus years with the worst head coaching record in modern history and then continue slice coaches after only one season.