The Perfect Pro Football Coach

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Our Takes on Who Are "HOT" and Who Are "NOT" Base Upon Performance Among the Current Cadre of NFL Head Coaches​

A  CASH score is a measure of the entire lifetime body of work of an NFL head coach. Although it takes on more and more meaning over time as a coach accumulates games coached, any coach, even one who has been there for a single game, does have a measurable CASH score. Based on the incomplete career achievements of the current crop of head men the following is how we rate some of the brightest and dullest through the 2016 season.

The "HOT” high achievers -

Belichick has proven time and again that he is simply the best still coaching today and very likely of all time. Two newcomers on the scene, Ben MacAdoo and Adam Gase had excellent first years, but their performance over time is yet to be determined. Bruce Arians was setting things on fire in the valley of the sun but slipped several notches in 2016. Mike McCarthy is steady and produces excellent results despite coming under criticism from his own fans. Mike Tomlin has now been at the helm in Pittsburgh for a decade, but like McCarthy, despite solid years is seeing the pressure increase for another championship. Chuck Pagano continues to slip even though he has the game’s best young quarterback, who should be in his prime.

 The "NOT SO "HOT" back of the class. 


* Told to hit the bricks during or after the 2016 season. 

Gus Bradley was given plenty of time to right the ship in Jacksonville. Finally with three games left he was dismissed. Mike Pettine, who was out in Cleveland after only two years, is now in with the Jags. The Browns knew it would take time to create something, but Hue Jackson’s lone win disappointed even their worst expectations. On the other hand, Mike Mullarkey surprised everyone in Tennessee finishing at 8-8 and even challenged for a playoff spot. Doug Peterson had a full plate taking over for Chip Kelly. He showed enough to deserve more time and broke in a rookie QB. Mike McCoy’s string finally ran out with the Chargers. Chip Kelly was a disaster on the left coast where he produced one win before he was axed.