The Best and Worst National Football League Coaches of All -Time Through the 2017 Season


​For the past ten years we have watched Bill Belichick rise steadily on the All-Time list. Back in 2009 when we started his numbers barely got him into the top ten group. Our rankings were consistently criticized for our short sightedness for not ranking him higher. Now, finally, our critics can begin to back off. As of the end of the 2017 season Bill has caught John Madden and they are in a virtual statistical tie with 2,545 points as the very best of all time. It is also very obvious that Belichick’s achievements have been accumulated during more than twice the time as Madden, and he deserves the nod on that basis alone.

In any event, keep in mind that to make our All-Time list you must have coached for at least 96 games (six years). Also, the inclusion of some of our top coaches may seem surprising, except that in several cases they did not hang around forever. The longer you hang around the more certain you are going to have down periods. Madden blazed through in ten years. Tom Landry was there for 29. Before you get too upset about our list, make sure you visit our methodology on the CASH page.

Here are the very BEST five:

A list which ranks anything will have a top and a bottom. With respect to the poor souls listed below, however, it is important to recognize that just to qualify to be an All Time loser, you must have been able stay around for almost 100 games, which means that someone thought he was doing something right. Marion Campbell happens to be our anchor man and is well deserving of that dubious distinction. He has the lowest CASH score of any “qualifying” coach. On the other hand, on the overall list of almost 300 coaches there are at least 70 non-qualifiers with worse scores that the old “Swamp Fox”. Said another way, Mr. Campbell ranks No. 230 on the complete list of 297 coaches with 67 non-qualifiers below him. The only recently active coach to approach this lower end is Ken Whisenhut whose CASH sore earns him a spot as the 10th worst of all time.

Here are the five very WORST:

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