No one can make a rational argument to refute Bill Belichick's position on the summit of NFL coaches. Sure, Brady may also be the G.O.A.T, but other coaches have had great players without coming close to his accomplishments. Of course, even Bill is not "perfect". It was pretty obvious this year after starting 10-0 when the team flopped badly, the head coach must absorb much of the blame. For some reason, he just simply did not surround his quarterback with enough horses to get the job done, No Gronk, some Edelman, and no one else. The 2019 season, not withstanding, though, the Pats' boss is still the very best, without anyone much on the horizon to challenge him.

It was nice to see a  deserving Andy Reid crash the top ten. He has been very good for a very long time. It will be interesting to see if he can stay there. Youthful Patrick Mahomes would seem to make it a lock. Our ninth ranked best coach of all time will surprise many. Mike Tomlin has been in a little down period for him, but he remains a terrific coach, Pittsburgh naysayers notwithstanding. When Ben returns, don't count out the Steelers. 

​Here are my ten best based upon my CASH analysis:


In any event, keep in mind that to make our All-Time list you must have coached for at least 96 games (six years). Also, the inclusion of some of our top coaches may seem surprising, except that in several cases they did not hang around forever. The longer you hang around the more likely you are going to have down periods. Madden blazed through in ten years. Tom Landry was there for 29. Before you get too upset about our list, make sure you visit our methodology on the                          the CASH page.

A list which ranks anything will have a top and a bottom. With respect to the poor souls listed below, however, it is important to recognize that just to qualify to be an All Time loser, you must have been able stay around for almost 100 games, which means that someone thought he was doing something right. Marion Campbell happens to be our anchor man and is well deserving of that dubious distinction. He has the lowest CASH score of any “qualifying” coach. On the other hand, on the overall list of 308 coaches there are at least 70 non-qualifiers with worse scores than the old “Swamp Fox”. Said another way, Mr. Campbell ranks No. 237 on the complete list of 308 coaches with 68 non-qualifiers below him. This list does not change much from year-to-year. Bad coaches simply don't hang around for 100 games any more.

Here are the ten very WORST (The rank number refers to his place on the All Time Qualifiers list.):


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